Medicaid Eligibility CompanyVanguard employs professionals in individual areas of expertise that enhance receivable management services offered. Our goals are to:

  • Maximize reimbursement.
  • Increase “bottom line” cash flow.
  • Reduce A/R days at a reasonable cost.
  • Reduce “Bad Debt” write off.

Vanguard is a hospital consulting services company that performs eligibility screening and processing for indigent, uninsured and underinsured patients. Vanguard services include:

  • Analysis and review of bad debt and charity write-off accounts for possible retroactive coverage.
  • Screening and eligibility determination for financial aid programs.
  • Effective management of SSI/SSDI eligibility claims.
  • Appeal denied SSI/SSDI claims through Administrative Law Judges and Appellate Councils.

Vanguard screens patients who may qualify for financial aid programs that would pay their incurred charges for healthcare services including Medicaid, Medicare, and other public assistance programs available including, but not limited to SSI/SSDI, Crime Victims Compensation, Worker’s Compensation and COBRA.

Vanguard Benefit Advisors work on-site at hospitals which enables them to conduct bedside patient interviews and to interview high dollar outpatients on the day the service is provided. Our Benefit Advisors take Medicaid applications and SSI/SSDI applications ensuring accuracy and timeliness for all available programs timelines. We appeal all improperly denied Medicaid applications and SSI/SSDI claims through Administrative Law Judges and Appellate Councils.

Our Benefit Advisors also assist hospitals by providing all patient financial information for either potential payment arrangements or charity consideration.

Vanguard’s Benefit Advisors have many years of experience in assisting hospitals in obtaining governmental assistance for self-pay patients. Our eligibility screening addresses the patient’s past, current and future medical needs in order to identify the eligibility program that will yield the highest reimbursement for hospitals.

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